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Funding fairly: Using the Compact to get full cost recovery

When money is tight and sources of funding are falling into the ‘slim-to-none’ category, any new grant programme or opportunity is likely to be welcomed with open arms. But with an unrelenting drive to make efficiency savings, the amount of funding available for publicly funded projects and programmes can be squeezed to such an extent that some charities end up subsiding the true costs of services themselves. This blog looks at why that's a problem and what can be done about it.

The Compact: Sharpening its teeth?

Daniel Fluskey has spotted recent evidence to suggest that the Compact is gaining currency in the courts and strengthening the hand of claimants against unfair decisions made by public bodies.

Fawcett Society challenges Government's emergency budget under discrimination law

Some people may have seen in the news last week that the Fawcett Society has launched a legal challenge to the Government’s recent emergency budget.

Make it easy on yourself - bidding for contracts

I was on a training course this week about preparing bids for statutory grants and tenders. A lot of the focus was on thinking about it from the ‘other side’ – the procurement officers and commissioners who assess applications coming from voluntary and community organisations.

Still waiting for funds from last financial year?

Over the last month, both Compact advocates have been out and about promoting the Compact and talking to a number of organisations and individuals. Ingela spoke at an event in Durham talking about the Compact and Equality Duties, while I was at the South West Forum’s annual Compact event.

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