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How we got where we are: guest blog from Redbridge local Compact

Compact Voice has recently been supporting One East MidlandsWellbeing East and the Involvement Network with some workshops they were running in Bedford and Nottingham.
These events focused on helping encourage good partnership working between health bodies and the voluntary sector, and illustrating how local Compacts can be used as a tool for supporting these partnerships.
Ross Diamond, Chief Officer of RedbridgeCVS, came along to the Bedford event with us on 21 January. Ross shared his experiences of how the Compact had helped to form a foundation for strong partnerships with health bodies locally, and this guest blog provides a short overview of what he covered.

Independence in mind

The Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary Sector launched their fourth and final report yesterday. The launch event revealed a lot of really interesting - and really opposing - opinions on the value of an independent sector, and the degree to which this is being threatened by things like the Lobbying Act and ‘gagging clauses’ in contracts.

Some of the coverage of the event in sector press focused on the Panel’s recommendations for a Compact with ‘teeth’.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about working on the Compact, it’s that one of its key strengths is that it is a mutually beneficial, voluntary agreement.

Health check: why our sector matters for health and wellbeing

Last month saw the launch of a major joint review into the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector’s contribution to health and wellbeing. The review will consider whether partnerships between government and the sector are operating in the most effective way possible and how they might work better in future.

Our take on the NAO's follow up report: Some improvements seen, more work needed.

In January 2012, the National Audit Office published a report reviewing ‘Government’s Implementation of the National Compact’. This week, they have published their follow-up looking at the extent to which the recommendations in the original report have been followed.

Partnership working toolkit for the voluntary sector

partnership working toolkit

This publication is a renewed version of Compact Voice's 'Local Compact: A User Guide' publication. 

It contains an array of practical, straightforward information covering everything you need to know about local cross-sector partnerships and how to make them thrive.

Refreshing our local Compact to reflect the new commissioning landscape

In this guest blog, Leonie McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer of Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service (CVS), talks about some of the issues considered when refreshing the Peterborough Compact, and how it is intended that the new agreement will help voluntary organisations and commissioners to work together.

How the Cabinet Office and Compact Voice work together to promote partnership working

A lot of our public facing work here at Compact Voice focuses on the local element of our work. 

But an equally important aspect of what we do is raising awareness of the Compact at a national level, and encouraging government departments to work well in partnership with the voluntary sector.

Working with Local Enterprise Partnerships: A guide for voluntary organisations

map of england

This short briefing provides an overview of Local Enterprise Partnerships - what they are, how they work and how voluntary organisations can engage with them. 

It also highlights why it is useful for LEPs to sign up to a local Compact agreement in their area - something which is happening increasingly often.

Lobbying Act: Briefing for local Compacts and voluntary organisations


This short briefing provides a plain English overview of the impact the Lobbying Act is likely to have when it comes into place in September 2014.

The briefing is aimed at voluntary and community organisations who may engage in non-party campaigning. It explains what the rules are and how the Act relates to the Compact. 

It also clarifies what some of the controversial aspects of the Act - such as spending thresholds and regulated activity - may mean in practice for your organisation.

The Lobbying Act – Where are we now, and what’s next for voluntary organisations?

The Lobbying Act (officially the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act) finally concluded this January after an eventful journey through Parliament.
Here we provide a bit of background into the Act, to accompany a new short briefing we’ve produced. The briefing is aimed at people who may not work in a policy role, but are concerned as to whether their organisation may be affected by the Act.

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