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Health check: why our sector matters for health and wellbeing

Last month saw the launch of a major joint review into the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector’s contribution to health and wellbeing. The review will consider whether partnerships between government and the sector are operating in the most effective way possible and how they might work better in future.

Recognising the role of small charities in commissioning

Every quarter, the Cabinet Office and Compact Voice hold a ‘cross department Compact meeting’. The most recent meeting sparked some new ideas and keen debate, which I hope will benefit partnerships between not only departments and the organisations they commission – but at a more local level too. 

Refreshing our local Compact to reflect the new commissioning landscape

In this guest blog, Leonie McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer of Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service (CVS), talks about some of the issues considered when refreshing the Peterborough Compact, and how it is intended that the new agreement will help voluntary organisations and commissioners to work together.

Bristol: Transforming local commissioning and procurement


The Strategic Commissioning and Procurement Service at Bristol City Council (BCC) has incorporated many aspects of the Bristol Compact into its work.

Funding homelessness services innovatively across London

DCLG team

The London Homelessness Social Impact Bond (SIB) was developed by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Greater London Authority (GLA) in partnership with the London homelessness voluntary sector, and has been running since November 2012.
By using a Payment by Results (PbR) funding model, backed by Social Investment, it  allows voluntary sector providers the freedom to innovate to deliver long term results for persistent rough sleepers with complex needs, beyond what has been possible before.

Understanding Commissioning and Procurement: A Guide for Local Compacts


Equally relevant to voluntary sector organisations and Compact partnerships, this detailed guide includes guidance on what the commissioning cycle looks like, how and when Compact groups and voluntary organisations can engage with commissioners and what the challenges are.

It also includes a practical action list for Compact groups (or any voluntary organisations seeking to work with commissioners), and a glossary of terms.

Bristol: Meaningful engagement in local Compact renewal

Bristol city centre via

Bristol achieved widespread engagement in the review and update of its local Compact in 2012. As well as helping to raise awareness of the Compact, the renewal has resulted in a local Compact that is relevant to all partners in the City.

Informing and influencing the new local health landscape

Before joining the Compact Voice team, I worked for a number of different health charities - focussing on campaigns work, trying to tackle problems with access to treatment, rights for disabled people, and local differences in the provision of both health and social care.

Moving from such specific policy topics to the much broader subject areas that the Compact covers was a challenge, and one it took me a while to get used to.

Getting to grips with Payment by Results

Payment by results is becoming an increasingly common way of funding public services.  The coalition government has moved decisively toward a payment by results (PbR) model in several contracts and has indicated that this approach is likely to grow in the coming years.

In this blog, I'll outline what PbR is, how it relates to the Compact and some of the challenges and opportunities it presents for voluntary and community organisations.

South Lakeland: Transferring Assets to Town & Parish Councils

view of south lakes

South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) wanted to look for alternative ways to provide public toilets across the region, as part of a drive to improve their provision and reduce costs. The consultation process undertaken by the council ensured that they engaged meaningfully with other sectors and private businesses in an effort to improve the service they were providing.

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