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Practical guide to engaging with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs)

This guide for voluntary organisations provides practical steps to follow to develop relationships with Local enterprise partnerships (LEPs).

Produced in partnership with NCVO this briefing 
gives an overview of how LEPs work and sets out some practical tips to help you engage with these increasingly important partners for accessing European funding.

How we got where we are: guest blog from Redbridge local Compact

Compact Voice has recently been supporting One East MidlandsWellbeing East and the Involvement Network with some workshops they were running in Bedford and Nottingham.
These events focused on helping encourage good partnership working between health bodies and the voluntary sector, and illustrating how local Compacts can be used as a tool for supporting these partnerships.
Ross Diamond, Chief Officer of RedbridgeCVS, came along to the Bedford event with us on 21 January. Ross shared his experiences of how the Compact had helped to form a foundation for strong partnerships with health bodies locally, and this guest blog provides a short overview of what he covered.

Health check: why our sector matters for health and wellbeing

Last month saw the launch of a major joint review into the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector’s contribution to health and wellbeing. The review will consider whether partnerships between government and the sector are operating in the most effective way possible and how they might work better in future.

Our take on the NAO's follow up report: Some improvements seen, more work needed.

In January 2012, the National Audit Office published a report reviewing ‘Government’s Implementation of the National Compact’. This week, they have published their follow-up looking at the extent to which the recommendations in the original report have been followed.

Responding to consultations effectively: Tips for voluntary organisations

consultation image

This short guidance has been developed following discussions with representatives from a range of government departments.  

These short tips aim to help voluntary organisations to respond effectively and efficiently to any departmental consultation, ensuring that their voices – and those of their service users – are heard and listened to.

Helping you make the most of your consultation responses

At Compact Voice, we talk a lot about what departments can do to engage better with the voluntary sector. However, there isn’t much in the way of guidance for voluntary organisations on how they can effectively and efficiently respond to consultations.

Redbridge: Supporting the community with a holistic, multi-agency partnership

Nick Hurd at Compact Awards

Redbridge First Response Service (ReFRS) is a unique, innovative, multi-agency partnership model in Redbridge. ReFRS ensures that health and social care services are provided to local people in a holistic and coordinated way, and was set up following a consultation process and with ongoing engagement with partners and service users.

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