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Comparing local Compacts to drive improvements

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By coming together at a sub-regional level to scrutinise the impact of local Compacts, partners in the Humber have gained a unique insight into the current status and future potential of their local Compacts as well as an opportunity to identify and share good practice.

New projects and team members at Compact Voice

Like many people, I’ve just returned from a couple of weeks away from the office, having taken advantage of the numerous recent bank holidays. I was excited to be able to welcome two new members of the Compact Voice team: Elaine Cooper joins us as our new team and communications assistant, and Vicky Redding will be delivering our engagement programme in the South West and the Midlands. 

Local Compacts at Work

Local compact at work cover

Published by Compact Voice in 2011, this document provides case studies about how local Compacts have successfully delivered across a range of issues, including service design, managing funding, and others.

Organise it and they will come … Or will they?

Having trouble getting people from the voluntary and community sector to attend Compact related meetings and events? You are not alone. Perhaps now is the time to start thinking differently about how to reach a Compact audience.

Candid Compact Collaborations - Leeds event

On Thursday 10 March, Compact Voice held the first in a series of three national events designed to promote the importance of partnership working, and how the Compact can help in troubled times. We were joined by colleagues from across civil society in the grand setting of the Met Hotel in Leeds, with many attendees coming from across the region to contribute.

The Meaning of Meaningful

Before Christmas, Compact Voice expressed concern about the short time scales which the Government was allowing for consultation, and in particular, one on commissioning launched by OCS. We wrote: “Compact Voice is concerned that with the pace of Government change, shorter time frames are becoming commonplace, with insufficient effort being put into meaningful consultation which follows Compact principles.”

The value of developing a Compact communications strategy: Solihull

Developing a Compact is a long and complex process which requires far reaching and involved deliberation throughout public service providers from all sectors, as well as the community.

Your thoughts on Compact Voice

In November we asked you to complete a short survey which we plan to use to inform our organisational priorities over the coming year.

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