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Commissioning improved at Bristol City Council

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Scrutiny Members at Bristol City Council have established a fairer commissioning process - which is Compact compliant - by listening to the local voluntary sector.

Organise it and they will come … Or will they?

Having trouble getting people from the voluntary and community sector to attend Compact related meetings and events? You are not alone. Perhaps now is the time to start thinking differently about how to reach a Compact audience.

And our survey says... top tips to get richer data by Adam Pickering

I have spent more time on council websites than I care to think about. So impenetrable are these websites that I usually end up finding what I want via a Google search. So when a pop-up box appears asking me if I have a few minutes spare to fill in an online survey about their website I ought to click ‘yes’ and tell them what I think … minus the profanities. To my discredit I don’t, but I should.

How did you get your Compact up and running? by Amber Alferoff

A new national Compact is a positive sign of government support for partnership, but Local Compacts are where the action (and inaction) happens. This is a message we have been hearing loud and clear as cuts test the strength of local agreements.  

The value of developing a Compact communications strategy: Solihull

Developing a Compact is a long and complex process which requires far reaching and involved deliberation throughout public service providers from all sectors, as well as the community.

Your thoughts on Compact Voice

In November we asked you to complete a short survey which we plan to use to inform our organisational priorities over the coming year.

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