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Sunderland: Encouraging partnership working in funding applications

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The Sunderland External Funding Working Group is a sub-group of the local Compact Implementation Group.

The External Funding Working Group seeks to ensure that the City of Sunderland and its communities benefit from external funding opportunities by working collectively and collaboratively.

Local authorities and the voluntary sector: Investigating funding and engagement

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In 2012, Compact Voice issued a series of Freedom of Information Act requests to every local authority in England, and to every government department.

This report analyses the findings from the responses received from local authorities in England. Read the press release, and view the raw data received here.

Government and the voluntary sector: investigating funding and engagement


In 2012, Compact Voice issued a series of Freedom of Information Act requests to every local authority in England, and to every government department.

This report analyses the findings from the government departments' responses. Read the press release, and view the raw data received here.

Getting to grips with Payment by Results

Payment by results is becoming an increasingly common way of funding public services.  The coalition government has moved decisively toward a payment by results (PbR) model in several contracts and has indicated that this approach is likely to grow in the coming years.

In this blog, I'll outline what PbR is, how it relates to the Compact and some of the challenges and opportunities it presents for voluntary and community organisations.

Cumbria: Using the Compact when negotiating contracts

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AWAZ Cumbria is a support organisation for people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities. AWAZ aims to empower the voice of BME people and communities through influencing strategy, policy and service delivery.

They recently used Compact principles to successfully negotiate the renewal of their Cumbria Equality Consortium Agreement following the loss of some of its funding.

Is your own engagement meaningful enough?

Government recently issued a statement around the process for consulting. This statement has made a compromise between a move away from the default of consulting over 12 weeks (balanced by greater emphasis on meaningful engagement) and a reiteration of its support for Compact principles more widely. Compact Voice is of course looking closely at the potential implications of this move. 

South Lakeland: Transferring Assets to Town & Parish Councils

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South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) wanted to look for alternative ways to provide public toilets across the region, as part of a drive to improve their provision and reduce costs. The consultation process undertaken by the council ensured that they engaged meaningfully with other sectors and private businesses in an effort to improve the service they were providing.

Briefing: Best Value Guidance and the Compact

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This briefing note provides information about how the principles of the Compact and their use locally can help deliver better communities.

It highlights how these principles are complementary to those found in the Department for Communities and Local Government’s recently published ‘Best Value Statutory Guidance', and gives practical advice about how both can be used to ensure more effective partnerships.

This briefing was jointly produced by Compact Voice and the Department for Communities and Local Government. 

Braintree: Using the Compact to guide the transferring of services

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By following both the spirit and the letter of the Braintree District Local Compact, Braintree District Council has been able to successfully transfer its highly valued Health Walks Programme to Braintree District Voluntary Support Agency (BDVSA).

Stockton: Empowering the Voluntary and Community Sector

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At a time when many local authorities were making cuts to the voluntary and community sector and infrastructure groups, Stockton Borough Council was doing the opposite. The VCS were fully involved in a consultation to review the funding structures and support packages available from the council, with their views taken on board to make sure the process was done in a fair and Compact compliant manner.

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